Evil Altre Ego Tonio (tonio) wrote in rockman_20xx,
Evil Altre Ego Tonio

Your neglectful admin.

HAHA! Thought I was out of the game, but dammit I'm gonna redo this community. Yes, I've been neglectful. Dealing with a 14.4 connection for the whole summer will do that to you. But anywho...I've got a gift for you all, if you've not yet heard of it.

Scroll down to the Gamecube section of this page.

If you don't buy this, you are a blasphemer and should leave the community.

^_^ Can't friggin' wait.

As for revamping the community, I just signed up for some interweb space on which I can host images, and the dead links from the info page have been removed. Looks like I need to do some webcombing to find new sites. -_- All my old, good sites are dead. Damnation...
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