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Noob to the forum, but not Rockman!!

hey, I knoew this is a MMClassic community, but, just wondering, does anyone have news about The Legends game(s?) coming to PSP, and, if anyone has Mega Man X Command Missions, out side os Massimo, who, would you say is a good team? At the Moment, I'm waiting for Zero to join, but I have X, Axl, and Spider on my Team.

I've found the Secret shop, and boght Massimo's, Zero's and X's weapons at the secret shop, should I worry about anyone else's?

Also, I heard a snipit somehwere, about something (yeah, real crystal clear, aren't I?) about a possible Mega Man 9 sometime?

I'm trying to get back into the MM loop, and am VERY glad Capcom is making the Mega Collections, they are a godsend, at least budget wise! haha.

Okay, well, sorry to bother everyone, so I'll go on now...

Oh, has anyone else been able to make a 99 + Combo for Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom?
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