I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone ) (strike2002) wrote in rockman_20xx,
I am The Cheese ( Fore The Cheese Stands Alone )

Mega Man Fans Across The Globe, Lend Me Your um....Mice? Keyboards Maybe?

I am seeking to turn my cell phone ( which is MP3 capable ) into a Mega Man like phone, so far I already have a ringer set up ( Boomer Kwanger from MMX ) And a wallpaper soon to come, but now I need a message tone, I did have Proto Mans whistle going for a long while but now it has become repetative and I desire change.

Long story short, I am seeking the short song that plays after you pick the stage that you wish to play, and the boss does his little jumping into the blue bar and while a space like background flows by. I have deduced that the one from Mega Man X sounds the best, if anyone can help me find an MP3 file of this song I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for listening to my plight.
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